Tuesday, October 27, 2015


Primer is essentially a base, for some people it is crucial not skip this step. It makes everything stick and stay on for a flawless look all day. It makes it less likely for your makeup to smear or sweat off throughout the day or that night out. They make primers for everything, there is the regular primer which is meant for all over your face to ensure that makeup has a smooth base to go onto. They also make eyeshadow primers which also ensures a smooth base and an even canvas for your shadow to go onto. When you apply a primer you are evening out your skin and filling in any pores to ensure a smooth application. When you apply an eyeshadow primer/base you are also evening out your skin to ensure the product comes out vibrant and stays locked on. They even make primer for your eyelashes! Which I didn't even know of until I bought a set and now its by far one of my favorite products. Although it makes your eyelashes scary and white the mascara goes on awesome afterwards and makes your eyelashes look so good. Although all of these steps are again time consuming if you are a true makeup junky and are concerned about the wear of your makeup and the protection of your skin then primers are for you. If you’re not a prep and prime type of person then there is always setting. There are several ways to set your makeup and one of the most popular is powder. And believe it or not powders come in all types of colors even odd ones and different consistencies. Some people use a heavy powder that is their skin tone or around the color of their foundation. Others might use one lighter/darker then their foundation/skin tone. There are also translucent powders which are for the most part thin, but there are also colored powders such as yellow(banana powder) that people use to lighten/highlight parts of their face such as under eyes, the bridge of the nose maybe the forehead, beneath the cheekbones. Green and purple powders to color correct and I'm sure there are others. Some people even use extra bronzer at this point or set their bronzer using a darker colored bronzer or a powder a few tones darker. Some people may feel that this step is too much and that it feels too heavy and will choose not to do. There are also other alternatives to powder such as a setting spray it is just a light mist like “hairspray for your face” that has a much lighter feel then powder and it does the same job.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015


Eyebrows frame your face and give it character. Some people are born with naturally full, shaped perfect brows. While others are left to draw on or fill in their sparse, light brows. Some people even tattoo on their eyebrows! Talk about dedication. For people who are not so married to the idea of something permanent on their face, but have the time and dedication to draw them on everyday I applaud. I went through the phase of trying to do that but I had decided that my brows were fine as they were and focused more on shaping them and keeping them nicely groomed. Every person has a different preference to shape and even to color of them. Some may like a more arched brow, others more of a line, some full, some thin, some natural, some perfect. Some go for a more dramatic look and will go for a higher arch and a sharper cleaner brow all around. Only true makeup junkies are seriously concerned with filling in their brows to perfection it is a sort of art/skill that takes a while to perfect and conquer and can be time consuming. Most people that dye their hair do not realize how much your natural brow color and new color of their hair will differ. This is where some people actually lighten/darken their brows and dye them along with their hair. This is also where powder/gel or whatever alternatives for filing them in will come in handy. Some people believe that brows complete the look or “You’re are not ready until you’re brows are ready” or “it’s going to be a bad day if it’s a bad brow day.” Some people are gifted enough to be able to do their brows themselves, whether it be tweezing, waxing, threading or a combination. Others (like myself) have to find the right person that they like and trust to be able to do their brows how they like them! The right shape can make all the difference. The fun thing about brows and makeup in general is that you can change them up whenever you feel like it (unless you went the permanent route). You can try out new shapes and colors and the majority of the time they will grow back. But if you aren't feeling that risky again all you have to do is draw them on for a whole different look or you just fill them in sparsely or not at all for a natural look. 

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Skin Types

So depending on the type of skin you have there is a specific kind of makeup for you. The type of makeup you use can also be based on your preference of coverage. If you have acne or skin-problems you might need to be prescribed a certain type of makeup or want to use a more gentle formula on your skin so it won't irritate it or cause further acne. If you have oily skin you might want to use something with a more matte finish that is oil free and avoid applying it with your hands so you don't transfer the oil from your hands to your face. If you have dry skin something that is more hydrating and moisturizing would be better for your skin to avoid drying it out further. There are several different skin types and several different options out there you just have to try the out and figure out which you like best and what works for you and your skin type. Now moving on to coverage say you have a few blemishes on your face, or freckles, or even a birth mark, or all of these if you are comfortable with them or like them and you just want to even out your skin tone then there are a few options. A tinted moisturizer could be one it has some color to it its light weight and some of them you can even build up until you get the type of coverage you like and it is better for your skin. There are also other options like a light-medium coverage foundation which is just foundation that doesn't go on as heavy it again evens out skin tone but probably won't be as light or as good for your skin and again some of these can be built up as well. Some people are going for an even lighter feel or more natural look and you can skip the foundation in whole but you might still want to put on something with an SPF all over your face just to protect it from the sun. But in this doesn't mean you don't have to wear any makeup at all (unless up don't want to) you can still put on concealer to hint "conceal" any blemishes or discoloration that are avoiding you for achieving the look you want. If you are looking to give your self a just all over even, smooth, flat, perfect, flawless look then you would definitely want to go with a more heavy-full coverage foundation which would cover any and all blemishes discolorations and smooth your face to the point where everything looks even and the same tone. These foundations however do tend to seem heavier, but there may be some out there that are lighter weight or better for your skin then the typical full coverage foundation. There are so many brands, types, tones and colors to find out whats right for you and which you like you can read reviews or watch videos or just search around and try out different ones.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

My blog is about makeup, I picked this topic because it's something I do pretty much everyday and it’s something I enjoy doing it on my free time. Makeup is fun! I don't believe I'm an expert on makeup, however I do enjoy doing it and I do it often. Most free time I have when I get the chance, or extra time I have to get ready I will take advantage of and take my time doing my makeup or will I try something new with my makeup. When I'm with my friends and we are getting ready to go out we all tend to do each others makeup and it’s interesting watching each other and seeing how differently we all do it. We learn things from each other and find out about new and different products we like. When my mom is going out or has a special events to attend she tends to ask me to do her makeup. This goes for my sister as well with any special events she has, just because she's still young and still learning. Some people don't have the time or patience to do something so meticulous or will just slap on their makeup and lets be honest sometimes you can’t really tell the difference, but depending on the look you are going for it can make a big difference. You can go for a soft and stubble look and still have a relatively natural glow or you could go with a crazy pop of color on your lips, or cheeks, or eyes, or you could be going for dark and dramatic look. Its cool because it’s a type of self expression in some form. I also love watching makeup videos it is just so cool to see the difference it can make and also all of the new tips and tricks you can learn. Pictures along with videos can give you an idea of something new you might want to try. Makeup is fun but it can also be a hassle if you wear it all of the time. What you might grasp from this blog is my view point on how I apply makeup. I'm not saying the way I do things are right or you should try and do yours this way. I am just giving you a glimpse into the perspective of how I do it. Don't worry I'm not trying to sell you on the idea of makeup just share with you my experience. Hope you enjoy.